The European Union is on a mission to achieve data sovereignty. This is supported by the European Digital Strategy, released last year. It is aimed at realising the EU’s vision of ensuring that, by 2030, the EU’s share of the data economy is in line with the region’s traditional economic weight. And the strategy itself is based upon empowering businesses and people with the right technology to gain control of their data.

But are we equally as concerned about data as the EU policymakers? Although incidents such as data leaks and data abuse of data fuel controversy and debate, they have not yet led to a mass exodus from platforms or social media channels.

How many of us really think about all the data we are producing, or what happens to it? And what does data sovereignty mean to you? Please spare a few minutes of your time to help us learn from one another by sharing your opinions in this anonymised survey on this important topic.

Many thanks in advance!

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