After two action-packed years, it’s time to sunset the Data Sovereignty Now campaign.

Looking back

Following the announcement of the EU Data Strategy of 2019, there was a strong need to explore what it would actually mean in practice. This led to the formation of our influential Data Sovereignty Now (DSN) community in September 2020. Each member brought in its own strengths, expertise and, above all, passion in this area.  We agreed that:

  • Data sovereignty should be the key design principle for a sustainable digital future
  • We need soft infrastructure to support it
  • We need to focus on adoption


What a journey it has been since then! We are proud of our many achievements. Thanks to our collaborative lobbying and messaging, the DSN campaign has had an impact on:

  • The Data Act, which is the first regulation to fully embrace the principle of data sovereignty 
  • The first contours of the soft infrastructure that will be necessary to enable data sovereignty, which are currently taking shape 
  • A Data Innovation Board (DIB) as part of the Data Governance Act that was released in April of this year. The DIB will be tasked with focusing on interoperability as one of the cornerstones of a soft infrastructure 
  • Data sovereignty as the main pillar of the concept of European Data Spaces in which people and organisations can share their data seamlessly 

This does not mean that our job is done, since adoption of data sovereignty will be crucial for a sustainable digital future. While we will continue to work on that individually or together, this will no longer be done under the umbrella of the DSN campaign.

For now, We would like to thank all members of DSN for bringing control over data one step closer for all.

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