What do you need to capitalise on the opportunities of the data economy? Share your thoughts in our Data Sovereignty Flash Poll!

Do you understand how you can capitalise on the opportunities of the data economy? Are you already offering incentives to support your organisation’s innovation activities? Share your thoughts in this short Data Sovereignty Flash Poll.

Although they are aware of the importance of data sovereignty, people and organisations find it difficult to put the concept into practice, plus they are often oblivious to the commercial benefits of control over data. That was the key takeaway from last year’s Data Sovereignty Monitor. 

In this Flash Poll, we would like to dive deeper into the current incentives, business models and reward models for data sovereignty. Your input is important, because it will help us to understand what is needed in order to build a more digitally sustainable future for all. The results will be used to nudge policymakers in the right direction. 

Please spare a few minutes of your time to help us learn from one another by sharing your opinions in this anonymised survey on this important topic.

Many thanks in advance!

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