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Do you support the mission of the Data Sovereignty Now coalition and did we raise your interest to become involved? There are two ways you can get involved.

  1. Endorse our mission

By publicly supporting the Data Sovereignty Now coalition’s mission and key messages, you will become part of the growing number of organisations and individuals that endorse us. Your endorsement is vital in order to make it clear to policymakers and politicians that data sovereignty is becoming increasingly important, both in society and in business.

2. Become a member

If you want to be even more closely involved with the coalition, we would be delighted to welcome you as a full member*. This means that you:

  • Fully and actively support our key messages and that your organisation strives to actively contribute to establishing data sovereignty.
  • Participate in our regular member meetings
  • Can contribute to the discussion and provide input for our content calendar
  • Are clearly listed as a member in all our marketing communications

*Please note: To continuously safeguard the future direction of the community as a whole, new members are subject to approval by a majority vote from the existing members.

To contribute towards our costs, we charge a membership fee of €1,000 for full membership.  An in-kind contribution or partly in-kind contribution may also be accepted as an alternative.

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If you are keen to endorse our mission and key messages or want to become a full member of our coalition, please reply to this email including the following information:

  • Whether you want to endorse the coalition or also become a full member
  • Name of the organisation and/or individual (including job title) that will be endorsing our mission and key messages 
  • In the case of full membership, the name (and if applicable the logo) of your organisation

By sending us this information, you give permission for your name (and if applicable your company logo) to be used in our marketing communications.


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