We are a coalition of partners who believe that Data Sovereignty should become the guiding principle in the development of national and European data sharing legislation

Data Sovereignty is the key driver for super-charging the data economy by putting the control of personal and business data back in the hands of the people and organisations which generate it

Data Sovereignty

The capability of an individual or an organisation to have control over their personal and business data. This entails that they should be able to know which party holds which data, under what conditions (purpose, duration, reward), where data is kept, and are able to re-use the data at other places.

Central design principle

First we will make Data Sovereignty the central design principle of the data economy as a whole and a prerequisite for every organisation’s own data architecture. This European Commission should take a decisive step forwards by making Data Sovereignty a legal prerequisite for every data initiative in Europe.

Soft Infrastructure

Next we will implement a ‘soft infrastructure’ of functional, legal, technical and operational agreements which will support decentralised data sharing based upon European values, built on a sound consent mechanism that works for every entity, for example: a person, business or government.

End user adoption

Finally we will focus on the adoption of Data Sovereignty principles by organisations and end users. The organisations which create the initial agreements should roll out the first version of the soft infrastructure. And soft infrastructures must then be allowed to evolve over time, and extend across multiple sectors.

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